No More Average Products for Average People

Inspired by Seth Godin – Craft and Commerce I was so happy to hear Seth Godin say that our current scheme creates average products for average people; the result is commoditization because people then look for the closest and cheapest. This supports my idea that people should create product offerings that reflect their unique perspective […]

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Sharing my Polymer Clay Experiments

I made this little video on my experiments making earrings with polymer clay — what worked and what didn’t — in the hope that it might help someone who is getting started. There are several excellent teachers who publish tutorials on YouTube so I didn’t duplicate what they do. I’m so grateful for their generosity […]

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Creating a Space that inspires me, a 2019 resolution

In a previous post, I talked about how getting started on creative projects can be a major hurdle for me. When I got curious about why, I realized my space doesn’t inspire me. My space left me wondering why I was so eager to have the time to get going. My home office is a […]

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