Creating a Space that inspires me, a 2019 resolution

In a previous post, I talked about how getting started on creative projects can be a major hurdle for me. When I got curious about why, I realized my space doesn’t inspire me. My space left me wondering why I was so eager to have the time to get going. My home office is a section of our front room and, without really considering the consequences, I made it look like it fit into the living room rather than looking like Kay’s Design Studio. Once I uncovered that unconscious decision, the feeling of being stuck vanished.

I started by asking myself what I wanted my space to feel like. And — as Inspiration sometime does– the answer came quickly: A Kindergarten Classroom. Every wall of a Kindergarten classroom is an invitation to learn, play, and create. It’s also set up to be easy to clean up. And lastly the little chairs are perfect for my short legs! 

So as February comes to a close, I’m happy to report that I have a floor plan sketched out that will free up wall space for white boards and visual inspiration. I’m also gaining what seems like miles of table top so I can have my maker projects in the same space as my digital design.  Oh and a brand spankin new 32″ monitor. And to think I get to call this work!

Other Ideas

  • Spotify playlist
  • Whiteboard for ideas
  • Quotes
  • Easy to film set up
  • Background for video calls that reflects who I want to show up as. (Inspired by Stasia Savasuk)