Hide Rude Comments, an idea for YouTube

Part of my morning ritual is to watch an inspiring video on YouTube. I’m amazed at the generosity of the creative people who share on YouTube, from the famous like Oprah, Brene Brown and Liz Gilbert, to the up-and-coming like Stasia Savasuk whose TED Talk just went viral, to the more obscure who help me use my camera, make polymer clay fairy houses, or find new choreography. I can always find the help I need thanks to these creative people taking the trouble to  make and publish onYouTube.  So why do I have to see mean, disrespectful comments — usually posted anonymously — just because I accidentally let my eyes drift to the comments section? Here’s my idea for YouTube: Give us a “Hide” button for rude comments. 

An Idea for YouTube, let us hide rude comments