If Designers could be like Dental Hygienists…

As I was struggling not to choke on the drool pooling in the back of my throat, while the chipper Dental Hygienist poked pointy instruments into my mouth, my brain went where it always does…how can I use this as a Designer?

I thought, “How can we get our clients and co-workers into a similar state?” Imagine being able to tip them back in a chair, shine a bright light in their eyes, hijack their mouths and make them listen to our advice. Instead of saying “This wouldn’t be so hard if you flossed more,” or “You really need to come in more often,” I can picture myself saying,

  • “I’m glad you came in. That font is unreadable!”
  • “This would hurt less if you’d called a designer at the beginning of this project.”
  • “Unfortunately since you waited until the last minute, this is going to be expensive. Do you have insurance? That is to say…a huge budget?”

Just like me today, they’d nod their agreement and pay their co-pay on the way out the door. I wonder, maybe dentists knew this all along. Maybe all the poking and prodding and filling our mouths with slides, floss, and even their fingers is just to make us a captive audience.

Oh well, a designer can dream.