I’d love to share my passion for human-friendly technology with your audience.

  • Is your audience full of smart people who are frustrated with technology that makes life more complicated, instead of making it simple?
  • Does your audience want to be part of bringing more human-friendly products into the world?
  • Is your audience worried about being a human in a world of Robots and Artificial Intelligence?

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Are the Robots Coming for Our Jobs?

Well, yes. But not all of our jobs and we’ve still got about 10 years to prepare. It will be a monumental shift, but we do have the chance to create a society based on what’s best about being human.

This talk will inform and empower your audience. Your audience might not have Artificial Intelligence on the top of their reading list, but when they learn that we will start to see job losses in less than 10 years, they will be eager to hear how they can prepare themselves for this massive economic and cultural shift. Fear is the last thing we need in order to make this transition. While experts disagree on the timing and extent of job loss, interestingly they agree that Empathy, Compassion, and Love –the unique aspects of being human –will be our greatest assets and open the possibility for an elevated existence for our society in the new reality of humans, robots, and Artificial Intelligence coexisting.