Too many ideas to start…

Sometimes I have so many fun ideas that it feels impossible to choose just one to work on. It’s like I’ve got a buffet of ideas but I just got gastric bypass surgery and I can only have 3 tablespoons of… of what, idea jello?  I really can’t think of a way to tie off that analogy. But, here are some strategies that work for me…

Start by organizing.

Here’s a strategy I’m stealing from my crafting persona. If I’m not sure where to start, I just tidy up my craft space. Once I get my hands on my supplies, one project always pushes itself to the forefront. In the same way, if I start a list of ideas I want to package up for blog content, I know one particular ideas will grab my imagination.

Let magic happen.

As a add on to the previous technique, I have to remind myself an organized craft room isn’t the goal, nor is an organized list of ideas. When I find myself writing rather than listing, I need to recognize it as the magic I was trying to conjure.

Follow the fun.

Somehow I got into a First-In-First-Out belief about my ideas, as if they were milk products. More importantly, I accidentally cast myself as the dairy department manager whose job is to hold back the freshest idea until the oldest gets sold. No more! Now the rule is Follow the Fun.

Break it Down.

Then break it down again. Then one more time. Since I work mostly as a Solopreneur, I’m both boss and employee. And sometimes the boss in me just dumps a huge undefined project on the employee and barks, “and have it done by the end of the day!” This is when the list maker in me needs to step up. I love me a good outline but sometimes it feels like I’m wasting time listing all the steps when I could just jump in and start. That’s when the coach in me needs to step up and remind the list maker that the employee needs it in order to satisfy the boss in me. Holy Cow, it’s getting crowded in here!